We did it and so can you.

We did it and so can you.

CodeWright, birthed out of an agency’s desperate and distressed S.O.S calls, proves that anyone can start, grow, and maintain a creative business.

Chances are, in the creative industry, that you as a freelancer, employee, business owner, or assistant are well-versed in the myriad of challenges of an industry driven by time-based resources limited by human capital. Between making ends meet, project management, maintaining successful client relationships, and keeping revenue in check, you are likely juggling more than you can handle.

After years of working in development, we identified one thing needed worldwide in this type of industry: a group of smart, caring, hard-working, and creative developers. A team that does not just go through the motions, but becomes a crucial business partner, cares about your projects, tells you when you are not making the right decisions, and makes your projects work.

CodeWright supports some of the top agencies and development studios around the world. We have been doing this for over 20 years.

Our leadership consists of developers and designers, just like you. We are here to support you, so we will always tell you the good and the bad, the difficult and the simple, the possible and the impossible. We will not drag out unmanageable projects or give you impossible deadlines. We are here to understand your needs and your problems. Instead of being just workers, we are vital members of your team.

We love what we do and who we do it for. We are so passionate about this that we are starting a blog to demonstrate how to start a creative business, step-by-step. There will be guest authors, ebooks, infographics, and interviews with well-known individuals within the industry. Most importantly, we will post a curated, step-by-step blog series that outlines the stages of starting and organizing your own business: from Sales and Marketing tactics to the best resources and knowledge for outsourcing your creative venture.

This is for

This blog is for:

    1. The valiant owners of our world’s web design and development studios & agencies. (You rock!)
    1. The eager startup team that needs additional resources and strategies to grow that amazing app idea in a short amount of time. (You terrify me, but in a good way.)
    1. The seasoned enterprise product owner looking to supplement and grow a team. (Congrats, you made it!!)
  • Ultimately, the brick and mortar of any creative or tech business are the people who invest their time. Who wouldn’t want to know the best-kept secrets on how to efficiently run a business and work with outsourced resources while maintaining optimal levels of service?

    Be smart. Read the blog.

    be smart

    Here is a sneak peek of what is on the horizon and the greatness you can expect to learn here on the CodeWright blog:

    Week 1:
    Jumpstarting your company
    How to start a web development company
    Is owning a company the right thing for you?
    The business canvas

    Week 2:
    What is a web company?
    Generally a lifestyle business
    How early decisions make a big difference
    Don’t underprice yourself
    Run the numbers
    Choosing your market(s)

    Week 3:
    Structuring your business
    Setting up a creative business 101
    Design it to sell it
    Figuring your fully burdened cost
    What not to do: Things no one ever told you

    Week 4:
    Business partners 101
    Operating agreements
    Buyout agreements
    Design and development contracts
    Key items in dev contracts

    And we’re only scratching the surface. You don’t want to miss out.

    Until next time,

    Your Team at Codewright